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Radda is building the foundations to establish itself as one of modern golfs cultural leaders, through both fashion and the content they create. As golf starts to make a cultural shift into a new era, Radda’s contemporary vision for the game puts a new twist on the "golf uniform" and challenges the stuffy country club notions of decades past.
We sat down for a little Q&A to find out a bit more about the brand. Who’s behind Radda, where did the brand start and why start a golf fashion brand? We took the time to ask the founders some questions to find out more about what inspires them and the future of Radda golf.
Radda was founded in 2019 by Jason Fields and Ivan Dominguez in Brooklyn New York. Radda represents the aesthetic and diverse interests of the modern golfer — health, wellness, indulgence, pop-culture and sport.
Jason Fields grew up playing golf and was never able to find a brand that represented his lifestyle or relationship with the game. “I’m not Tiger Woods, I don’t need golf brands to scream performance at me, and I’m also not defined by the game. I have a whole life off the course and no brand in the market connected with those touch points. I grew tired of the “bigger, better, faster - just do it” golf brands.” Radda was subsequently born out of this frustration.
Why launch a golf brand and where does Radda pull its inspiration from? We grew tired of the “golf uniform” so we decided to launch our own take on modern golf attire. Our inspiration for creating Radda was born out of a desire to improve the market and modernize the aesthetic and culture. 
Pulling influences for their collections from art, architecture, music, streetwear, movies and all the things Radda feel their customers are doing off the course. These touch-points bring accessibility to the game and put aside the antiquated cultural associations that are often linked around golf and the stereotype of the people who play it.
After riding the ebbs and flows of running a fashion business through the last two years, heading into 2022, Radda have some exciting product in development. The coming year will see the brand lean into more of the lifestyle category. They also have some great collaborations and partnerships in the works that will be announced in the Spring.
Check in with Fine for all new Radda drops.
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