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Solo Golf Co

SOLO Golf is a menswear brand with the mission to break the mold of the golf uniform.

Taking inspiration from classic menswear and an appreciation for modern style, we're pushing forward a new wave of timeless fashion within the sport. 

SOLO was founded in New England by husband and wife team Dan and Tessa Sullivan in 2017. Since then, the team has been working to bring golf apparel level with today's fashion. At its essence, SOLO is bridging the gap between golf-wear and menswear. 

Historically, golf has prescribed a single image for "the golfer" but we, at SOLO, know that not all golfers are the same. We are lovers of fashion, expressing our unique perspectives on the future look of golf apparel. A lot of what we wear off the course deserves a place in the game, and we believe it is our job to introduce that.

Solo Golf Co

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