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Fine Golf summer invitational

Fine Golf summer invitational

I play a lot of these things down but this day was a big deal for me. It’s the first event that Fine Golf has ever hosted and also the first in person interaction people have had with Fine as a brand/business and also me as a person. I’m definitely the wrong side of 30 and aging badly. I don’t put myself out there nor do I see myself as the “face” of the company or head up any content. Having said that - I am Fine Golf. There’s no team. I run every single part of the business solely on my own and this was the first time to meet lots of people in person, most of them I’ve spoken with via email or social media but never met before. I started Fine Golf to not just be an online store. I started the business because I wanted to work with people in golf and do real things within the golf industry and golf community.

There’s two things I fear when putting on a golf day:

  1. The weather will rebel and it’ll be a wash out.
  2. Nobody wants to come.

The first point is out of your control and you are wasting your energy worrying about it. Just book a date in the British summertime and hope for the best.

The second point is humbling in two ways. But before we get into that. First off the golf day was completely free. This is the first event we’ve ever hosted and Fine Golf is pretty new. People don’t know what to expect, and right now I believe that Fine Golf is not well known or established enough for people to part with their hard earned cash to attend our golf day.

Back to point two and for me maybe the most intriguing part. I feel that you can learn a lot from doing an event like this, it can really open your eyes as to where you are as a brand/influence within the industry. Firstly I was really humbled by how many people responded to invites and attended the day. Secondly and on the flip side of this I was also humbled but not surprised by how many people were completely not interested, didn’t respond to messages and in some cases wanted to be paid to attend.

Hosting the event at my home club Royal Norwich in some ways probably didn’t help as geographically it’s not that easiest place to get to. I wanted to host it here for a few reasons. It’s my home club and I’d set the whole thing up so logistically this time it just made everything simpler. Those things aside, it’s an amazing course and venue. The clubhouse and facilities are outstanding, this place was built for hosting days like this.

Huge thank you to adidas who were the partners for the event. I want to thank the team at adidas golf for trusting me to sort everything and had the faith that I’d make the day a success. adidas golf have been one of the most supportive and forward thinking brands that I’ve ever worked with. An amazing brand and team. I couldn’t of done it without their support. Lastly and from the bottom of my heart just a huge thank you to everyone who made the effort to travel and attend the day. I appreciate everyone has busy schedules and this is the first one of these we’ve ever put on. People didn’t know what to expect and took a chance on attending. Let’s be honest it could have been sh*t, but I hope it was worth the trip.

Big thanks to commuter films for capturing the whole thing on video and also to Ryan Mason for getting everything on camera. Thanks to adidas golf, Bando towels, Jones sports co, Vice golf balls and Bogey Boys for the prizes and gifts. Lastly thanks to Royal Norwich for having us. Hopefully there will be more of these to come.

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  • You should be immensely proud of what you’ve achieved both on the day and with the brand! Reading the blog is an inspiration to someone who just wants to be involved in the golf space! Also love your shop (my wife and wallet don’t lol) and everything you’re doing! Good job!

    Mat Johnson

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